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How many licenças do you need?


Ideal for small businesses. Free forever
To start
Up to 3 Projects
Up to 1 Flows
Up to 3 Calendars
Up to 1 Dynamic Form
Up to 4 Collaborators and 1 Administrator
Up to 5 Stakeholders
150 MB space storage
Up to 1 Dashboard
Shareable dashboard
Online support
$ 3.00

per user

Total $ 3.00 / month / year

Ideal for small businesses of up to 50 users
Test 14 days
Management of up to 10 Projects
Management of up to 10 Flows
Up to 10 Calendars
Dynamic Forms
Up to 50 Collaborators or Administrators
3 stakeholder for each license
15 GB storage (expandable)
Unlimited dashboards
Shareable dashboard
Online Support
$ 5.00

per user

Total $ 5.00 / month / year

Ideal for companies with more than 50 users
Test 14 days
Unlimited Project Management
Unlimited Flow Management
Unlimited Calendars
Dynamic Forms
Unlimited Collaborators or Administrators
5 stakeholder for each license
250 GB storage (expandable)
Unlimited dashboards
Shareable dashboard
Online Support
Ideal for businesses that need custom features
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*How licenses work: Each Administrator or Contributor user uses a license. The license for stakeholders (your customers) is free and proportional to the total number of licenses purchased according to the chosen plan. To learn more about Izzyplan user profiles, clique aqui

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