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Izzyplan is a platform maintained by Startinn Serviços Digitais , a technology, process, project, people and relationship solutions company. We believe that work needs to be managed intelligently and that's why we work differently.

Our team works in coworks, chats via web conferences, answers via VOIP and only meets for happy hour. We avoid traffic, we promote quality of life. Our mission is to make better use of the time to explore relationships and let professional issues be part of life, in a calm and intelligent way, without exaggeration. We do not sympathize with overwork and that is why we work to offer tools that optimize the daily lives of employees and managers.

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Startinn Digital Services
Rua Almirante Protógenes, 289, CJ 122, Bairro Jardim
Santo André/SP CEP 09090-760, Brazil
CNPJ 21.494.131/0001-42

Free project tool, flows, calendar, chat, mini site and much more
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