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Key Features

Project management

Manage projects with smart features and completely customizable settings. Work with kanban, be more productive with pomodoro timer and see demands in calendar, gantt, list with levels and dependency



Organize support workflows, purchases, sales, and any other processes you want to automate. Define the people or teams responsible at each stage and have control of all demand.



In a single chat, unify the company's communication and customer service. With the chat integrated to Projects and Flows, communication becomes more fluid and agile.


dynamic forms

Create dynamic forms to collect business information as tasks run. Add forms to any page in the system and have control of all customized information.


free access
for your customers

Let your customers follow the progress of demands in real time. Customize scorecards and feedback. Your customers have free access!


keep calm

Keep Calm and
take care of mental health

Excessive worries cause stress, anxiety and depression, which are the evil of the century, so, in addition to facilitating work management, we create resources to help you and your company take care of people's health.

Pomodoro Technique

Work with the Pomodoro technique. Set your break intervals, measure your time and score with your friends

Let's stop?

Match with people who want to stop for lunch, relax, have a coffee or chat.

How it feels?

How are people in your company feeling? Measure the mental health of the people in your company and take action.

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