How to use a discount voucher

Updated 03/19/2024

If you have received a discount voucher for premium subscriptions from Izzyplan, follow these steps to apply and enjoy it. With an Administrator profile, in the main menu click on “Settings”.

Click on “Profile” to access the Organization Profile

Make sure your account details are complete, especially the “CNPJ” field (for companies) or “CPF” (for individuals) and the “billing email” field. These fields are mandatory so that we can generate billing and invoices.

Click on “Change plan”

In the window that will open, select the desired plan, billing frequency and total licenses. Then, in the “Discount coupon” field, enter the coupon code received. If the coupon is valid, the new value will be displayed below.

Important: If you already have an active premium account and want to use a coupon, you will need to carry out this plan change procedure, even if you keep the same settings.

Choose the desired payment method and sign up for your subscription

This way, your discount will be applied to each charge. When it is 30 days before the coupon expires, you will receive an email with the notification.

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