How to automatically create subtasks when the ticket enters a stage

Updated 02/07/2024

Izzyplan's Flow module allows the management of recurring jobs. Its main objective is to systematize operations, ensuring efficiency and consistency in processes, reducing rework, errors and ensuring that activities are carried out consistently.

Task automation allows tasks to be created when the workflow ticket is placed at a certain step. Tasks can be automatically distributed to other projects or workflows, to specific people or teams, allowing the management of all tasks that need to be performed to fulfill that ticket.

In the main menu, in the “Flow” option, click on the flow you want to configure.

Click on “Options” and also click on “Configure”.

In the settings tab, click on “Steps”, select the step that will create the subtask and click on “Edit”.

Whatever step you select, the “Automatic Subtasks” tool will appear. Click “Add”.

A window for configuring the automation will be displayed. In this window you can configure what information will be inserted in the subtask that will be created.

For each field, it is possible to define the information manually, or select the “Copy” option, so that the system copies the same information that exists in the Ticket.

The “Work” field, when defining a project or flow different from the one created in the Ticket, causes the subtask to be created in another location, maintaining the link with the ticket created.

The “Step” field is listed according to the “Work” field. You can define a specific step where the subtask will be created.

With all fields pre-defined, click “Add” to complete the inclusion of the automatic subtask.

You can repeat this action and include multiple tasks in the same or other steps.

After completing the step settings, click “Save and close”

Click “Save and close” in the Flow configuration window.

Ready, the configuration has been done. Now, when a ticket enters the step where automation was configured, a subtask will be added and linked to the ticket:

The created task will also be displayed in the Flow or Project configured in automation:

1.     Correctly displaying the completion percentage of subtasks

To view the percentage of completion of this subtask within the ticket, the following configuration must be performed:

Access the Project or Flow where subtasks are created by automation and click on “Options” and then “Configure”.

In the settings window, click on “Steps” and define the percentage of completion for each step. This way, the system will know the percentage of completion of the subtask as it progresses through the project stages.

Click “Save and Close”.

With this configuration, the progress bar of ticket subtasks will correctly display the percentage of completion.

Ready! Settings complete!

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