How to duplicate a Flow

Updated 09/22/2023

Many Workflows have the same pattern.

When creating a new workflow that follows the same pattern as an existing one, for example, it is more productive to create a copy.

In this article, you will learn how to create a copy of an existing Workflow.

Duplicating a Flow

In the left side menu, click on “Flows” and choose the flow you want to duplicate.

Access the Flow settings by clicking on "Options" and "Configure".

In the opened settings window, first click on "Options" and then "Duplicate".

A new window will be shown. There, you must choose which information will be duplicated along with the Flow.

Pay attention to these options, as it will not be possible to undo them, only by deleting the Flow and duplicating it again.

Then click “Duplicate”.

Doubled flow!

Understand the settings below.

Job title

This is the title of the new Workflow, which will be created from the current one.


If this option is selected, all existing tasks in the current Workflow will be copied, maintaining their links.

Only the following task information will be kept:








                 Check list


If this option is checked, all tasks of type "Phase" will be copied.

Tasks that are linked to Phases, the link will be maintained, establishing the entire hierarchy.


If this option is checked, all Tickets will be copied.

Tickets are used in Workflows. Tasks linked to Tickets will be maintained, as will the entire hierarchy.


If this option is checked, all participants in the current Workflow will be maintained, and will be linked to the tasks in the new Workflow.

If the option is not checked, Workflow and Tickets will have no linked members.

Maintain original state of tasks

If this option is checked, all new Tickets from the new Workflow will maintain the same states (status and stage) as the current Workflow at the time of copying.

If this option is not checked, all Tickets, Phases and Demands will be copied to the new job in the "New" state, which is the initial state of a task.

Well done, you learned how to duplicate a workflow!

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