How to Share a Dashboard

Updated 08/31/2023

In the main menu under the Dashboards category, click on the dashboard you want to share.

Then, the screen of the chosen Dashboard will be displayed.

Click “Share”.

You will have two options to share: By link or by email.

1.     sharing by link

To share via link, click “Generate Shareable URL”.

Click "Copy" the URL.

Now you can send it to whoever you want.

In this option, everyone who has this URL will be able to view the Dashboard publicly.

1.     sharing by email

To share by email, enter the name and email of the person who will receive the link.

Then click on “Send”.

In this option, only those who receive the e-mail will be able to view the Dashboard.

1.     Sharing with stakeholder

Stakeholders have access to Izzyplan as users, but they only have access to the accompanying project Dashboard or the released dashboards.

To grant access check the option "Stakeholder" in "Accessible by".

With this option checked, all stakeholders who have access to your organization will have access to the Dashboard.

To save the changes click on “Save and Close”.

Well done, your Dashboard has been shared!

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