How to Customize Project Dashboards and Flows

Updated 08/31/2023

Projects and flows created in the system have their own Dashboards that cannot be removed, but can be customized.

red arrow - Digital Presence In the main menu, click on the Project or Flow of your choice.

Choose "Dashboard" view mode.

Click "Configure Dashboard"

The system will forward you to the Dashboard configuration panel.

To adjust the size and position of graphics, include and exclude elements, click on “Customize”.

To reorder the charts:

Click and drag the items to the location you want.

To change the size of elements in the chart:

Click on the corners and drag like in the image below.

After making the necessary adjustments, click “Save” in the upper right corner.

You can also edit the Dashboard name, description and access permission.

Click “Configure”.

Edit the Dashboard name, description and view permission.

Click "Save and Close".

Congratulations! You have customized the Dashboard!

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