How to Create a Dashboard

Updated 08/31/2023

In the main menu, under the “Dashboard” option, click on the “New Dashboard” button.

In the window that will be shown, define a "Name" and a brief "Description" about your dashboard and which user profiles will have access. Click here and understand more about access levels. Users who have permission to access the dashboard will see it in the "Dashboards" menu

Click "Save and Close".

The Dashboard created will be shown in the list below.

Click on the “Dashboard” button .

When accessing a newly created dashboard, you will see an empty page. It's time to add content. Click the "Customize" button and then click the "Edit" button.

Choose the elements you want to “Add”...

... or “Remove”.


Click "Save and Close".

The chosen elements will appear on your Dashboard.

You will be able to edit the size of the elements by resizing them using the arrows that are in the corners of each element...

...or reposition them by clicking and dragging inside the panel.

Finally, click on “Save”.

Congratulations, your Dashboard has been created!

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