What is Kanban and how to use it

Learn about Kanban, one of the most widely used task management methods.

in 01/04/2023

Kanban is a project management method that emerged in the 1950s at the Japanese company Toyota, and aims to optimize the workflow by visualizing and limiting work in progress.

The Kanban method is based on three main pillars: visualization, limits and measure:

  1. Visualization is the graphical representation of work in progress, which can be done through Kanban boards or digital tools.
  2. Limits are established for each stage of the work process, with the objective of avoiding overload and guaranteeing the quality of the work.
  3. The measure is the analysis of the data collected during the process, which allows the team to understand what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

Kanban is a flexible and adaptable approach, which means it can be easily implemented in any type of project or company. It is also compatible with other agile methods such as Scrum and can be used in conjunction with these approaches.

One of the main benefits of Kanban is its ability to promote collaboration and communication between team members. Through the work-in-progress view, all team members can see what is being accomplished and what still needs to be done. This helps to avoid delays and errors, and ensures that the project progresses more efficiently.

Another benefit of Kanban is its adaptability to change. As the method is based on limits and measurement, it is possible to adjust the workflow according to the needs and changes of the project. This allows for greater agility and flexibility, and ensures that the project is always aligned with the team's objectives.

To implement Kanban in a project, it is important that the team has a clear understanding of the goals and steps of the work process. You need to create a visual representation of the workflow, set boundaries for each step, and collect data for analysis. It is also important that the team is committed to the method and is willing to make constant adjustments to ensure the efficiency of the process.

The most common method of using Kanban is digitally, through a project management system such as Izzyplan.com , which offers customization of Kanban columns and cards.

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