What is the pomodoro technique and how does it work?

The pomodoro technique promises to help people who have difficulty completing their tasks and put an end to distraction and procrastination.

in 04/17/2021

Who has never started a task with excitement and after a while stopped doing it and even forgot about it? The reasons can be many, such as the appearance of another more important task, the interruption of a third party, an adverse event or, in the worst case, you "got sick" of continuing to work on it and want to do something else. Yes, there are boring tasks to be done.

This technique can be used for any activity, whether reading a book, studying for exams, doing a job, solving a demand or even playing sports. It helps to avoid distractions.


For all the cases above, there is a very efficient technique, called the "Pomodoro Technique", which was created in 1980 by the Italian Francesco Cirillo. The name "Pomodoro", which translated from Italian means "tomato", originated from the very common kitchen chronometer at the time, which was shaped like a tomato.

How to use the technique

The technique basically consists of taking quick breaks of 5 minutes while performing activities. The time for the execution of activities is usually 25 minutes and after this period, a break of 5 minutes is taken. Ending the pause, the execution is resumed again for 25 minutes and so on.

The 5-minute breaks need to happen and help make the brain recover, but the 25-minute break for task execution is just a suggestion. You can take longer breaks. After "producing" 4 Pomodoros, you should take a longer rest interval of 30 minutes.

Does the Pomodoro technique work?

There are studies and researches about the effectiveness of the technique, but you can experiment and resolve the doubt by yourself, after all, this technique is used by many people, mainly in carrying out studies.

As there is a short deadline to perform a task and there is a rest reward for doing it, our brain conditions itself and know that there will be breaks. This psychological effect makes us try harder to get the task done on time. There are still people who use the technique together and create "gamifications" by producing pomodoros, after all, each 25-minute cycle completed with a break of 5, guarantees the "production" of 1 pomodoro.

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