Project task management module

The task management module works within the Projects module. Basically all the logic of the tasks' work takes place in this module.

Delegation of those responsible

Every task has a responsible person, but they can have as many collaborators as necessary. Link the participants of a task and define their role. The measured time will be recorded per participant.

Father and daughter tasks

When one task is below another, it becomes a daughter and the one above becomes a father. This linking creates the entire task hierarchy of a project.

Dependent tasks

Dependent tasks have a state and date link. Until a predecessor is completed, the successor cannot be completed. Their dates are also linked.

Pomodoro timer and stopwatch

Record the time you work on tasks and use the Pomodoro Timer technique to work more efficiently and productively.

Change history

All changes made to Izzyplan are recorded in a log. You will be able to keep track of when the task took on each state, who made the changes and when. If you need to, you can recover an old version.


Every account has a space for storing any file. Upload attachments to tasks and share with the team.

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