Project management module

The Izzyplan Projects module has all the necessary resources for managing projects and tasks, from the simplest to the most complex. The project module was inspired by features known as the kanban technique, Microsoft Project, Pomodoro work technique, calendar for viewing dates and of course, managerial dashboard.

Kanban mode

Kanban mode allows the configuration of all the columns of the board, as well as their colors, type of initial state, personalized names and the percentage of completion of the task for each state.

Press play on a card to start counting the work time, see points, tags and details such as participants, deadlines and priority.

Hierarchy list mode

List mode presents tasks at hierarchy levels. It is very reminiscent of the famous Microsoft Project, but it is intuitive, rest assured. In addition to all the features already mentioned in kanban mode, in list mode you can organize tasks in the desired hierarchy, create subtasks, create phases. Just drag and that's it!

Gantt chart mode

The graphical gantt mode allows the management of the dependencies of the activities and phases in a project. In addition to the visualization, it is possible to work dynamically by adjusting the dates on the graph itself, editing and inserting new relationships and tasks.

Calendar mode

The calendar mode is very important when you want to have a time display. Tasks are accommodated within the calendar according to their start and end dates.

Dashboard mode

The dashboard mode allows a complete managerial view of the project. Don't forget that the dashboard is completely customizable. You can add, remove and reposition all elements. You can learn more about the Dashboard module by clicking here .

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